Rotorua, the smokey city


The strange place seems to be wrapped in shadow, in fog, in smoke. The atmosphere looks a bit… Fantastic? Surreal? Mystical?

If, wandering about in the northern part of New Zealand, you would happen to find yourself in a grey and muggy place, remind yourself that you’re not in Wonderland: either you’ve entered in Thais’ sauna by mistake, or you are in Rotorua!

(On the map: Rotorua city, with the light blue dot that’s Lake Rotorua.)

Rotorua is situated in the region Bay of Plenty and it’s a city famous for the geothermal activity of its subsoil. Since this city is situated in a volcanic area, there would be nothing to be surprised if you would smell sulfur all over the place or if you would see puddles hot pools in people’s gardens. But, since this is not one of the most common phenomenas, I think that it could be interessing to have a closer look into it, because it allows us to see wonders of the nature that we couldn’t admire anywhere else. Therefore, in this city, we will be transported in the flow that the beauties of colours, water, sulphur, earth and nature in their essences show us. This process will lead us straight back to our senses. Surely it would be easier if we were there, but otherwise we can use our fantasy.
The first wonder we’ll talk about is the Maori village of Whakarewarewa, also settled in the area of Rotorua.

As it is, in a small photo, it seems it doesn’t say anything to us… Sharp rooves, green vegetation, smoking chimn… Wait a second, maybe that steem doesn’t come from chimneys. I think that someone has forgotten to extinguis the fire of the barbecue! Or maybe neither?
Well, let’s move little bit further, in places where we wouldn’t of course find barbecues.


Ok, I’ll stop it, since you already know from the beginning of the article that all this steam come directly from the subsoil. Beside a simple steam, we can also observe the renowned geysers, here found in abundance.
Among all the geysers that are in Whakarewarewa, there’s it, that I introduce you in the caption of the photo.


Thereabout, the other main Geotermal Area is the one of Wai-o-Tapu. In searching general informations about Rotorua, it’s likely that the first photos that will appear are the ones of this site and of its sulphureous art works. And this actually makes sense, considering how attractive this place is. Enjoy the photos!



Last but not least, another result caused by the subsoil heat: the hot mud!

I’ll make for you the complete tour of Rotorua when I’ll be there. For now, I just wanted to share and show you this sight unique in its genre, this area that fortunately remaines intact, so that it wouldn’t lose all the beauties that it can offer to us.

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