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We are “due fili d’erba“, two blades of grass in a desert, constantly trying to reach the other one and endure together, despite everything. We are two girls that know where they are and where they are going; they don’t know exactly how, but that’s not important. They are confident that everything will be alright, eventually.
Less poetically, we are Thais and Desirée, we know each other since we were born and we are bonded with a strong friendship that nothing, even though life is trying hard, will ever break; not even the 3 thousands kilometers that separate us.
What bonded us was maybe the desperation of a past too heavy to face alone, the necessity of sharing it and the certainty that one would have understood the other one, as others cannot do.
What bonds us now is, well, many little things. You can see the bond in the ability of Thais to cook chestnut honey biscuits and in Desirée’s pleasure of dipping them in CocaCola. You can see it in how we are able to understand each other and interpret what we are talking about, even though it sounds senseless to everyone else. You can see it in the mutual trust we have, forgetting how difficult it is for us to trust others. Most of all, you can see it in the awareness we have that neither wind nor rain nor darkness nor fear will ever separate us.
I was born from an Italian dad and a Brazilian mom. My name already puts me in the position to be “wrong” and “out of the place” all the time: in Italy no one believes I’m Italian both because of the name and because of my features, in Brazil because, well, my Portuguese is far away from being mother-tongue-like and were I live now is really impossible for me to pass unnoticed.
Little bit over one year ago I moved to Finland, precisely in the coast city of Oulu. I landed here because of chance, maybe because of madness and because of something I even don’t know what is it. One thing I now know. I stay because of love: love for my husband Klaus, nicknamed Klapsu, and for this beautiful country.
With this blog I hope to make you love as much as I do this place where humankind entered (and stays) on tiptoe. Finland is a place to discover, rich of culture and traditions. If you are planning to come here, well then, sure you are in the right place! When you’ll land here you’ll be well equipped and the things that you might have missed otherwise, you’ll now grasp them to the full and your trip we’ll be richer.
What about if you are not at all willing to come to Finland or maybe you don’t have, at the moment, the possibility to come? Does this mean that this blog is not for you? I think there are still lots of reasons for you to read us. An important one is the atmosphere you’ll find here. Desirée and I are joyful not because life was so good with us, but because we have chosen to be positive, to look at the silver lining and to always try to develop good qualities. We are light spirits because we don’t want to focus on the past, but we want to fully taste the present and look at the future with optimism. That doesn’t mean we’ll never fall, but we’ll always raise up once more time than we fall.
Here I’ll talk a lot about food. Cooking is home for me. Cooking is one of the few things that is able to slow down my heartbeats, relax my thoughts and open my heart. I cook with passion. I think that Taste is the sense that we never have to forget to stimulate when we travel. What about if traveling is not possible? Well, cooking gives the unique opportunity to travel staying at home.
My grandma had the “mum role” in my life, she was the dominant female character during my growth, and this surely contributed to all this love I have for cooking. I have to admit that I was lucky. Eating every day granny’s food for years and years was very much like being every day in a restaurant! Granny surely presented me a refined palate and a lot of traditional recipes.
What dad presented me is as important: the curiosity of discovering new things and to always try, both is life and in the kitchen.
Among the countless things that dad thought me there is also the respect and love for nature. I’ll always thank that I had the opportunity to grow among nature, the only place where you truly find peace and yourself.
Do you know when people ask you: “So, what are you able to do?”. I am that kind of person that is apparently not able to do anything: I don’t know how to dance, or sing, or play an instrument. I write. I write in order to tell myself and understand. I write in order to share. I write, for you and for me.
All the pictures published in Thais’ posts are taken, if not mentioned differently, with Nikon D3200 and some with iPhone 5.
I’m 100% Italian even though my name may arise some doubts. Although I was born, raised and always lived where I am actually living, I too many times feel “wrong” and “out of the place”. The nice thing is that, despite all this, I have such inner happiness that no one, I think, will ever take away. I love this life. I have everything: I live with the most beautiful people in the world, I have a house that I can call as such and all the things I’m still missing will be only filled from how I’ll decide to live this little life of mine.
I love to write, I love unordinary people, I love to keep everything under control, I love warmth and all the simple things, even though I’m not at all one of them. I love the sea, colors and it has been years since I started to dream about New Zealand. Maybe one day I’ll live there and write from there.
Between us, the two blades of grass, I believe I’m the one that dares less, that is more scared from bad weather and who is more attached to her roots. Thais is the one who is more pragmatic, smarter and that loves more to take the risks that life can give.
Once she chose a nickname for me: “XD”, “Icsdì” in italian. It left a mark on me, because I believed that everyone who would have read my name would have been forced to smile. Well, now we’ll make you smile together.
Il soprannome che una volta lei mi aveva dato era ‘Icsdì’, e mi aveva colpito, perché credevo che chi avesse letto il mio nome sarebbe stato costretto a sorridere. Beh, ora forse vi faremo sorridere insieme.
For whom do we write?
For everyone who loves nature, organic and green, who loves Finland and everything concerning it, for the culinary pioneers that want to try new recipes and maybe even rediscover old ones, who loves to read and who wants to smile and embrace life with happiness and consciousness.
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